Beyond "Beyond The Veil"

I realise I am not the best at writing updates about my game, something I will definitely be trying to do in future. I always find that by the time I have a moment to write an update, there are just a couple more things I could work on in the game before I start writing- so nothing ever gets written! Anyway, without further ado, an update on the development of Beyond The Veil.

Map Overlay

I'm well into the polishing stage of development, though that doesn't mean I'll be done next week! Most of my work has been spent fixing bugs, improving the feel of things, putting audio into the game, and more. On the subject of audio, a close friend of mine has offered to write some music for me, so there will be a melancholic soundtrack to accompany you on your journey across the wasteland.

- Worked on all 5 bosses to add more interesting behaviour and mechanics to the boss fights. All bosses have multiple stages that progress as they take damage.

- Massively improved the UI, both in terms of design and speed.

- Updated all gear with better names, functionality, and stats. All weapon types have different firing modes for more variety.

- Updated almost all player skills to allow viable combinations of any class and weapon.

- Refined enemy skills to be more readable (by adding skill animations), and more interesting.

- Added difficulty scaling so that encounters become larger and more complex as you progress. Gear also scales to the current difficulty to match.

- Improved loading times across the board.

- Improved enemy behaviour, and simplified their pathfinding to suit the progressively larger encounters in the game.

- Added journals to the game to deliver story.

- Added the ability to dismantle unused gear for resources.

- Added additional recipes and resources for the late game.

- Improved the performance of the lighting, and made it considerably more moody.

- Added a vignette to everything!

- Added weather effects in the combat, and improved those outside of combat.

- Added unlock camera setting for peope who suffer from motion sickness.

- Improved save system.

- 3rd pass on the story, added 3 new character stories. Wordcount now sits around 11k.

- Improved Rite trial system, player can only recieve trials they currently have the ability to pass, can never recieve duplicate trials, and can only track 3 trials at a time.

- More things...

This week I would really, really like to have a trailer done so I can put the Steam Page up. From now it's mostly more of the same, with a focus on bugtesting, balance, maybe a bit of optimisation, and the audio (oh the audio!).

As always, if you want to ask me anything or just have a chat, leave a message below!

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